Vivian Shao Chen is a ceramicist. 

I make wheelthrown and handbuilt functional sculptures for your home and kitchen, designed to be used every day, to be a part of your rituals and routines. I make ceramics because there is something completely satisfying about having something utilitarian that also makes you mindful of your physical environment more. These are objects for everyday use.

I search for simple shapes, happy accidents, and a neutral palette. I like to find subtle nuances in proportion and detail that make each piece interesting and beautiful. Everything is made in small batches, each batch exploring a different aspect of a shape or texture.

I find freedom in the process of making and using these objects. I hope that freedom is translated into the final pieces through their simplicity and elegance. Freedom from external voices, forces, trends. My constant search for quietness and freedom no doubt shapes my work.

I make all my work by hand in my small home studio. Sign up for my newsletter below to receive updates on shop updates, latest makes, and events.